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Last Monday at the Desktop Linux Consortium Conference at Boston University’s Tyngsboro, Massachusetts Campus there was a lot of talk about a “UserLinux” distribution. The topic was sparked by remarks by Bruce Perens who voiced a need for a distribution that was designed to meet community needs for a desktop operating system based on the Linux community favorite Debian distribution. I contacted Bruce who has been kind enough to interject some comments to my own text. They are marked [thus]. The thought of UserLinux sparked my thinking. The thing I like about Linux is that it’s infinitely customizable to meet the needs of almost any situation. However, for it to be a viable desktop for the masses there seems to me that there has to be some common features that a large number of Linux desktop users would appreciate. I thought about this quite a bit and started my li... (more)

Is Linux Desktop-Ready Yet...or Not?

Mark R. Hinkle: "Linux is ready for the desktop" In my view, Linux on the desktop is a viable operating system. It offers many features that are more innovative than commercial solutions. Virtual consoles, secure remote access solutions, true multi-tasking, and the ability to use robust journaling file systems all come to mind. Despite these advanced features, I have also noticed some parallels between Linux and some earlier versions of Windows. Let’s term these similarities as “growing pains.” I do feel that there are many cases today where Linux is an inadequate solution, speci... (more)

Linux Migration: It's a Voyage

When I was younger I used to love to watch Star Trek. My favorite part of the show was the transporter. I was in awe of the idea that the crew of the Enterprise could just transport anywhere they wanted to go. Occasionally, they caught a worm hole that flung them from one end of the galaxy to the other without even mussing a hair on Captain Kirk's exceptionally coiffed head. Wouldn't it be great if moving operating systems was that easy? Click of a few buttons, slide a lever and you arrive at your destination. Unfortunately, migrating from another operating system to Linux isn't... (more)

Ubuntu Fails to Impress

Mark Hinkle's Blog Okay, that was a catchy title but for the first time in my love affair with Ubuntu have I had an install failure. I tried to install Ubuntu on my Dell Inspirion 1505 and couldn't get X11 to automatically configure. It was very dissappointing. It's really not Ubuntu's fault, it's ATI's because they didn't open source their drivers. So my ATI Mobility x1400 video card wasn't supported by AMD has announced that they will be working on a strategy to open source drivers for their ATI hardware including their X1000 series and HD2000 series. It's been a long ti... (more)

Linuxcon Presentation – Open Source Toolchains for Cloud Computing

Here are my slides from today’s talk at LinuxCon on “Open Source Toolchains for Cloud Computing“. The talk focused on what open source tools could be used to create automation for managing cloud computing. I really enjoyed giving the talk and the discussion afterward, it seems that the reality among attendees was that they did very little to automate management but all had a great interest in doing so. I also enjoyed hearing from a Big 4 systems management user who said clearly that their multi-million dollar system didn’t appear to have the same capabilities as the free softwar... (more)